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Skycam is a 4-year-old, handsome red fawn male born December 2, 2003. His sire is WW Time Warp and his dam is Kiowa Mags Macon. Skycam's career of 97 races started August 22, 2005, at Wheeling Downs, WV, moving to Valley Race Park in Harlingen, back to Dubuque, Iowa, and ending on December 16, 2007, with a fractured left #5 metacarpal bone on his front right leg at VRP in Harlingen. Skycam, along with Joe and Tami, were flown from Harlingen in route to Addison airport on December 22 by GALT adopters and members, Dennis and Didi, but bad weather forced their landing at Georgetown. His fracture has now healed after 6 weeks of being kept quiet and being leash walked. He is ready to find his forever home!

Skycam is not to be trusted with cats but he will need to be tested with small dogs at a later date.

Skycam is a beautiful, athletic boy who will adore you from the minute you meet. If you're looking for a loyal pup that will shower you with attention, this is the one. "Cam" is fresh from the track, but he's already learning the ins and outs of the house and has started learning what he needs to do (or not do) when he hears the word "no." Also, he's crate-trained, and will get in his crate when he's asked. He's very good about not having accidents, as we've only had one right by the back door (when I was still learning his signal to go out). We're on the same page now and haven't had any problems since.

With Skycam, be prepared to have a canine shadow. If you get up to walk around, he's right there with you. If you're sitting, he's standing in front of you with his head in your lap. He will do great in a home with another dog or as a single dog. Most of the time, he's paying attention to his human except when there's fun to be had with his foster sister! Of course, he must not run until his leg is healed; but when it is, he'll be ready for lots of activity.

He shares well (except the attention - he wants all of that) and delicately plays with his toys. He's a quick learner, a polite houseguest, and a great companion - with a little more training Skycam will make the perfect pet.

Skycam's Foster Mom
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