Sira is a petite dark brindle female greyhound found as a stray in a small town in Argentina. She was very thin and weak when found, taken to a local vet and was nursed back to health. She is estimated to be 3 years old. Sira was brought to Dallas by her Texas Guardian Angel, Maria. It is not known at this time if Sira is small animal or cat tolerant.

Here is her story, told by her Argentina rescurer:

Sira – The Story, by Julia her Argentina Guardian Angel

Little girl of my heart –

Pili rescued you on a rainy day, and she asked me for help. I did not hesitate for a minute to go and look for you. You spent days in a hospital, weak and thin. I visited you every day, until they released you. Pili adopted you and you could heal the wounds of your soul …. But she had to move to Spain and we promised her to take care of you and your sisters - Pilar, Café, and Alma. ALL were all adopted, except you.

And I was not going to stop until I found you a foster or a family, and that is why you are now on your long but happy way to Texas.

Many thanks to my veterinarians as usual Vetemundoanimal Marafino and Marina LA Licata. Thanks to Maria Jose Marti, Sebastian Guaglirello and Mirta Lopez, who put me in contact with Irma so I could get to you ,Maria Laura B., who I will be forever thankful. I know that a great life waits for you in Texas. Be happy my “picky nose” girl.

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