Shazaam, aka Shazaam Drive, is a 3-year-old, cute brindle female born March 3, 2007. Her sire is Famous, and her dam is Elisha Drive. Shazaam's 15 race career started March 8, 2009, at Naples-Ft. Myers, and finished on July 20th at Ebro, FL. This is one girl who will drive straight into your heart with those gorgeous brown eyes.

Shazaam’s cat test: Shazaam’s response to the cat matched her name. No kitties for her.

You’ve just gotta love the name of this playful girl, and it suits her perfectly! This sweet grey is only 3 years old, but her looks are deceiving. Her muzzle is prematurely gray, so most people think she is much older when they first see her. It only takes a few minutes to see the puppy in her, though! Shazaam is very sweet and playful, and she absolutely loves her stuffies, rawhides and pig ears. However, this multi-faceted grey still has her mature side. She rides well in the car, and she came into our home straight from the kennel already housebroken. Shazaam has had no accidents at all in our home – what a smart girl! She is learning a lot of new things at a record pace, and her primary goal in life is to please her human friends.

We are working on her counter surfing, and she responds well to the water bottle. Now all we have to do is show it to her, and she stops the “un-preferred” behavior. Shazaam did not pass her cat test, but she gets along beautifully with the three other greys in our home. She follows the older girls around and has learned quickly from them.

Shazaam is incredibly loving and affectionate. She loves meal time and is a hearty eater. When I am preparing her breakfast or dinner, she will sometimes talk to me as if to say “Hurry up Mom, you are not moving fast enough!”

This beautiful brindle loves her fluffy dog bed and sleeps on it next to our bed all night, right along with our other greys. Shazaam is truly a pleasure to have in our home. She loves to know she has done something that makes us proud of her. When we praise her, she gets that tail of hers going and it looks like the propeller of a helicopter in flight! Shazaam loves her walks and does not pull on the leash.

Shazaam is a real sweetheart and brings a lot of joy to our home. She is just a bundle of all those endearing qualities we love in a grey – a smiley-faced, tail-wagging leaner who follows you all over the house and loves to “roach” on her dog bed. One look into her dark brown eyes and I am sure you will melt!

Shazaam's Foster Mom
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