Shane, aka Quickasawhistle, is a white male with red brindle patches and lots of red and black ticking. Shane came to GALT via the Ft Worth Animal Shelter, where he arrived as a stray. Thanks to Shane's ear tattoos, some basic information on his history is available. Born on October 3, 2003 to sire, Craigie Whistler, and dam, Rieta's Tarpley, this two year old competed in twelve races in Corpus Christi. Shane's last race was in October of 2005, but it is not known where he spent the winter.

Shane was limping when he arrived and had some bruising on his left rear haunch. X-rays showed a fracture in the pelvis, and after a consultation with Dr. Bob Radasch of the Dallas Surgical Center, it was determined that Shane will not need surgery. He has been restricted to leash walks and minimal exercise during his expected 5-week recuperation. Shane is cat tolerant.

Shane arrived to GALT with a fractured pelvis. It is not known for sure how he acquired his injury, but Shane certainly holds no grudges. He is a very happy-go-lucky guy!! And talk about unique makings - he has both red and black markings on the white part of his coat. He is one handsome greyhound.

Shane is a playful guy who enjoys other dogs, but I also believe he would do well as an only dog with a family that would appreciate face kisses. He is not expected to have any quality-of-life issues as a result of his injury and should be able to enjoy walks with his new family.

Shane has been a joy to have in my home - he crates well and will go to his crate when told when I am leaving the house, and when I am home he sometimes can be found snoozing in his crate with the door open. He is an excellent sleeper at night and takes up a dog bed or two with his size!

Shane is very loving and affectionate with everyone, big and little. He seems to love adults and kids alike and he has not met a dog yet that he has not showered with nibbles and big tail wags. Shane is a young greyhound who acts young and inquisitive. He enjoys toys, treats, and belly rubs. And if it's a nice day out, he would love to lounge in the grass for a short time too!

Shane will make some lucky family very happy - he will be a terrific companion. Come meet this long-legged affectionate clown and see for yourself!!

Shane's Foster Mom
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