Selene, aka Slatex Selene, is an 9 year old red female. Her sire is Dodgem by Design and her dam is Slatex Station. Selene was quite busy running 77 races at Southland from May 2012 to October 2013 before becoming a brood and having 23 babies. Now she’s ready for to be someone else’s baby. Selene is okay with small dogs. Selene should not live with cats.

Serene Selene is a senior girl who is content to spend most of her day sleeping. She doesn’t need to be crated and she usually curls up on a dog bed or at the end of a hallway on the floor. Selene is happiest when she is snoozing, enjoying her well-earned retirement from racing. Selene is living peacefully with Yorkies, Bassets and other greyhounds. After being a Mom to 23 puppies, she still has patience to be around small dogs.

Even though this sweet girl only has 4 teeth left, she doesn’t seem to have any trouble eating! While she does not take hard treats, she will gladly take a soft one. Selene isn’t into playing or chewing on toys...after all, it is a little tough with so few teeth.

She is not a fan of thunder or fireworks and will seek out a safe place in the bathroom or small hallway area during the rumbles. She rides well in the car standing up to watch through the front window for a while before she eventually settles down.

Selene is ready for find her forever home with a comfortable dog bed or two, people to love on her and plenty of soft treats!

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