Sea Shell, aka CTW Sea Shell, is a 4-year-old red fawn female, born October 2, 1998. Sea Shell began her racing career in September 2000 in Florida and finished it in Corpus Christi in August 2002 when she suffered a broken hock. She is healed up now, and ready for her second career as a couch potato! Sea Shell is a happy, outgoing, friendly girl who gets along well with other greys and adores being with people. At this time she appears to be cat and small animal trainable.

Sea Shell is as happy a Greyhound as we've met. She has made quick work of fitting into her new foster home where she lives with greyhounds, Max and Tracy. We were not sure Rio, our rather large alpha female Lab mix, would accept another female into the pack, but we are happy to report that Sea Shell and Rio have become good buddies. Sea Shell loves to play with her stuffed toys. She puts on a great show as she loves to toss them into the air.

Sea Shell has adjusted very well to living in our home. She's had no accidents and is very happy to go into her crate when asked to. At this point, Sea Shell is very curious, and has been caught red-handed counter-surfing. We are working on that with her and so far the only thing she's been able to nab was a nice juicy slice of flank steak. Sea Shell has a slight limp when she first gets up from lying in the same position for a while, but quickly walks it off. This is due to an injury she sustained to her right hock. We're not sure if this injury will cause her any long-term problems, but she does not seem to be bothered by it as she goes about her business.

This little girl is very special, just look into her big beautiful eyes and you can tell. She deserves nothing but the best home possible. If Sea Shell is given the slightest chance, she will melt your heart, as she has ours.

Sea Shell's Foster Parents
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