Sasha, aka Atascocita Sasha is an 8 year old black brindle female born July 29, 2009. Her sire is Lonesome Cry and her dam is Atascocita Barb. Sasha has 114 races to her credit all in Florida, first at the Naples-Ft. Myers track, followed by Flagler, Palm Beach and the Mardi Gras tracks. Sasha then retired to be a mom, and after several complications, she gave birth to one male in September 2016. Her days of running and mothering are over and this happy girl is ready to find her forever home! Sasha is not considered to be small animal or cat tolerant.

Sasha is a big beautiful black brindle. She is 68 pounds of solid canine affection with a heart as big as Texas. She just wants to love and be loved. Although Sasha is eight years old, she acts much younger. We think she has the energy of a two-year-old, without some of the mischief that can come with a young dog. Once we learned her signals, she hasn’t had an accident in the house, she learned the dog door and has free roam of the house when we’re gone. Sasha is learning how to be a pet. She has never jumped on furniture or gotten into anything she’s not supposed to. She is a people pleaser and pays close attention to the rules of the house to ensure we will be happy with her. Sasha is very interested in food on the counter – especially bacon –she learned that area is for people food so she will sniff, and leave it alone. She loves to eat and will sneak a few bites of our other grey’s food if she can get away with it. Sasha especially loves treats which we use to reward her good behavior and occasionally just to spoil her. Sasha loves to go for walks and is very good on a leash. Her favorite walk is to the lake near our home where she frolics in the water for as long as we will let her. Sasha gets along very well with our other greyhound and likes the other dogs in the neighborhood. Although she has not been cat tested, she doesn’t seem interested in the squirrels and other little critters that visit our backyard. The only thing we have left to work on with her training is to help her be a little less excited when we get home from work! Sasha learns new things very quickly and tries very hard to be a good girl. She will make a wonderful pet for a deserving family!

Sasha's Foster Family

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