Sasha is a beautiful white-and-brindle 6½-year-old female born November 1997. She and Sue were turned into the Paris, Texas humane shelter the week after Christmas 2003. She is double tattooed in her left ear, so her history is unknown. Sasha has been in treatment for Ehrlichia and Babesia, and is now definitely "on the mend," showing a dramatic decline in her titers and has now tested negative to Babesia. She will need to continue to be monitored periodically for the Ehrlichia with follow-up blood tests performed by Protatek Laboratory in Chandler, Arizona.

The transformation of Sasha has been amazing for this foster mom to watch. When she first came to our home, she did not feel well and was very shy. Will the real Sasha please step forward?! She's become an enthusiastic tail-wagger - often sending my inconveniently-hung kitchen utensils clattering to the floor - and when she's really excited, she expresses herself with an exuberant round of barking.

Along with getting healthy Sasha has been doing a fair amount of learning. She's got "sit" mastered and is learning "stay." She's very good on a leash and understands "hustle" means turn right and "steady" means turn left. When not going for a walk or getting a treat, she either plays with squeaky toys or does what comes natural to all greyhounds: LOUNGE. She loves lying about the house on the cool tile floor, or in her crate, or wherever she can find a pool of sunshine. In the backyard, she prefers the hot tub cover or a soft bed of monkey grass.

I think Sasha will fit in well with a family that has plenty of love to offer.

Although Sasha is still a little shy with strangers at first, she does warm up quickly. She needs a forever home where she can bask in the family’s love.

Sasha's Foster Mom
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