Sandy is a 1½-year-old fawn female born on April 2, 2010. Her sire is Nita's Wild Bill, and her dam is Sexy Senorita. Sandy and her sister Mira were not individually registered and lacked the competitive drive to race. But she's ready and willing to race into your heart - just look at the gorgeous black mask on that needle-nose!

Sandy is cat trainable.

From Sandy's Foster Mom:

Sandy is very sweet and likes to carry toys around the house and run with them in the yard. She has a submissive personality with the other hounds of the house, and is quite shy at first if a new person comes to the house. At M&Gs, she likes to greet the other houndies with kisses on the mouth. Some are OK with her greeting; others find her too fresh! A previous foster sibling really encouraged her to play, and Sandy loves having an energetic playmate. She'll sleep on the same dog bed with another hound if they don't mind the company.

Sandy ignores the cats pretty well. Occasionally, she'll do a play bow to them if she sees them while she's still on a playtime/zoomie high. She turned one year old in April, so she still has a lot of puppy in her. She was very timid when she first came here, but has made greyt progress since. She's comfortable and wagging her tail at home, but tends to tuck her tail at Meet & Greets. She can be quite talkative when she's out and about, and sometimes will vocally express her joy at dinnertime.

Sweet Sandy of the golden eyes just knows her forever family is looking for her!

Sandy's Foster Mom

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