Sandra, aka D O Sandra Lee, is a gorgeous, black, 7-year-old female born September 1, 2006. Her sire is Trent Lee and her dam is Whistler’s Kick. Sandra has a tiny bit of white on her chest. She has 12 races to her credit starting July 24, 2008, at Palm Beach Track in Florida, and finishing on March 19, 2009, at Valley Race Park in Harlingen, Texas. She is one sweet, loving girl! Twice, Sandra was in a home for two years, but both times has returned to GALT due to a change in family circumstances.

Sandra’s cat test: Sandra is not considered cat tolerant. She showed interest, then slyly turned away because she knew she wasn’t getting what she wanted on-leash and muzzled. She couldn’t help herself a few minutes later when she saw the cat in action, though. Later when she saw another cat, there was definite snapping action behind the muzzle.

Sandra is very shy and needs a family that will give her lots of love. Through absolutely no fault of her own, she has been with two families for 2 years each and had to be returned due to financial difficulties. She is a perfect angel in my house. She gets along well with all of my other greyhounds.

She is easily startled and I think she just needs someone to give her reassurance. She has not suffered separation anxiety to my knowledge. I leave her uncrated when I leave and she is fine. She attended the GALT Birthday party and this girl loves to run and was also caught standing in the baby pool. She is a beautiful girl who has enjoyed helping me garden in the back yard. She sleeps peacefully through the night either on a dog bed by my bed or on a bed in my den area or in her crate. She also loves to sleep on the tile floor by my back door. In fact she spends most of her day sleeping. She knows her name and will readily come when called because she knows I give ear rubs when she arrives by my side. Won't you please consider giving this big beautiful black girl a permanent place in your home? She is a sweetheart!

Sandra's Foster Mom

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