Ryan, fka BH Mikey Ryans, is a 2 year old black male born on September 4, 2018. His sire is SH Avatar and his dam is Herstal. He Only ran 12 races before retiring. Ryan will be tested for cat and small animal tolerance soon.

Ryan is one sweet, easy-going boy. He's been with us for about a month, and has quickly settled into the retired life, lazing about on any dog bed or rug he can find. He's an only dog in our small house and loves to just hang with us as we work from our home office throughout the day, getting up and down with us and we go to the kitchen, the yard, or wherever. He gets a good morning walk and an evening walk, and does the occasional spin around the yard though for the most part, would rather be chilling inside. He also can do stairs! We have not heard him bark, although he definitely humors us with his very heavy sighs and occasional snores. He was unfazed by the recent thunderstorms directly over our house. And he has not tried to chew shoes, get on furniture or counter surf. I don't think he even knows any of those things are options. He just likes to throw his squeaky bunny in the air and catch it.

Ryan walks well on a leash and while he definitely "sees" the neighborhood cats and squirrels, he doesn't yank on the leash suddenly to go after them (it's helpful if you also see them, and remind him that he's going to keep walking next to you, though, as he's still learning). He rides well in the car as he's learned it can take him fun places.

He gets along well with all kinds of people, including our nephews who are about 6 and 8 years old, and other dogs, including other greyhounds, and a medium/small husky mix (smaller than him; however he has not been tested with small dogs). They ran and played, then napped together. Speaking of napping, at night, he sleeps on his bed in our bedroom and is pretty good about sleeping through the night (assuming he has a trip outside right before bed).

So far, he's been home alone for a few hours at a time. For that length, he goes in the crate, and he doesn't mind. He does drink a lot of water so we always take him outside before we leave him! He recently stayed home alone out of the crate for about an hour and was a good boy.

Ryan will do well in a home or apartment. He can be an only dog as well. And so far he's been easy-going around children too.

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