Rusty, aka Atascocita Rusty, is a 2-year-old red male born October 14, 2012. His sire is Kiowa Sweet Trey and his dam is Atascocita Susie. He has 3 races on record at from April to May 2014 at Gulf Greyhound Park. He retired due to a stopper injury that is completely healed now.

Rusty has passed an initial cat test and is living with them in a foster home.

Rusty is a big, sweet, affectionate, tactile Velcro dog. He gets along very well with the other dogs, but his focus is people. He gives little butterfly kisses, and if you stand or sit for more than a few seconds, he is up to greet you and ask for affection. Rusty likes to have his head cradled and kissed, and he loves to be groomed with a soft mitt.

He loves to run in the yard and then roll and squirm on his back in the grass. For his size, he is very gentle and well mannered. We're working on leash manners and he's making progress every day. He has met children and dogs when we're out for walks, and he greets everyone with pleasure. I think he would be fine in a home with children.

Rusty is cat tolerant, but I always practice "trust but verify" with any dog. Sometimes his ears shoot up when he sees the cat. I give him a sharp "no" and he immediately looks away. Good boy! Rusty is very good with my 14 lb. Chihuahua. They seem to enjoy sharing a dog bed and like hanging out together.

Rusty is doing very well with his house manners, and crates well too. He has also learned to use the dog door. He loves floppy toys and squeaky toys, and caught onto them immediately. Rusty is not a toy destroyer, and he likes to collect toys on his favorite bed. He's food motivated and easy to train. Rusty's Foster Mom

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