Rusa Rusa

Rusa, aka Keeper Rusa, is a 3½-year-old red female born October 4, 2004. Her sire is Oshkosh Slammer and her dam is Keeperdoeepisode, making her grand sire Molotov. Rusa's 70-race career began in Corpus Christi on March 22, 2007 and ended just a year later at Valley Race Park in Harlingen, Texas, on April 4, 2008. Rusa is a petite girl who is somewhat reserved and uncertain of her new surroundings. This beautiful girl will need just a little time in her forever home to blossom and show her true personality. It is not known at this time if Rusa is small animal or cat tolerant.


Rusa is a very sweet, shy little girl who takes her time getting used to new things. She warms up quickly to people but still has some fear of sudden movements and noises. She will frequently look up at the ceiling fans as if she isn't sure if they are a danger to her, and she does NOT like her rolling food container, unless she knows its time to eat! She loves to eat and will finish any amount of food you give her. Treats are wonderful too, but she may want you to put the treat down for her instead of expecting her to take it from your hand every time.

Once she knows she can trust you, Rusa will ask for ear scratches, belly rubs and good conversation. (She listens intently to everything her foster mom says, with those big brown eyes just melting with love and adoration).

Rusa loves to take her stuffies out thru the dog door and then abandon them. Luckily another hound in her foster home enjoys taking all the stuffies back inside!

Rusa is shy at Meet and Greets, so you may want to visit her in her foster home to get a true picture of how loving and sweet-natured she is. She would do best in a calm, quiet home that has another dog for company or someone who is home most of the time. She loves to watch her house-mates and seems to find comfort and confidence thru them.

For anyone wanting a quiet, calm and affectionate little girl to love, she's waiting to meet you!

Rusa's Foster Mom
3400 Carlisle St #430, Dallas, TX 75204-1265
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