Rubydo Rubydo

Rubydo, aka Rubydo Hipockets, is a beautiful, 7-year-old black brindle female born December 7, 2001. Her sire is Grenade, making her grand sire the famous Molotov, and her dam is Sassy Kelli. She sports the famous Molotov signature of a white chest and throat. Rubydo and Redhot are siblings and seem to have been together for some time. Both girls were turned in together to the Altus Animal Shelter, and they were scheduled for euthanasia within 3 hours of their coming into GALT's custody. The person turning them in said he could no longer care for them. Greyhound-data shows 15 races to Rubydo's credit, starting in Palm Beach, FL, on June 13, 2003, and ending at Ebro, FL, on May 22, 2004. She has two registered offspring born October 8, 2005, sired by CD's Joe. Her whereabouts since then are unknown. Rubydo is a sweet, loving girl who is in a foster home with several other greyhounds. It is not known at this time if Rubydo is cat or small animal tolerant.

Rubydo is a tall, elegant, refined, older gal who looks just like her grand-sire Molotov. From the day she came here she fit right into the routine of a home – she loves to be part of a family.

Rubydo came to my home with her littermate, Redhot, but they are very different dogs. Rubydo is very free with kisses – she will kiss anyone whose face happens to be within her reach. At meet and greets she is happy to wash faces the whole time! She always stands through the whole event, as if it’s below her dignity to recline in public. At home, though, she settles in nicely – either on a dog bed, or (now that it’s a little warmer) stretched out on the tile floor.


Rubydo is generally quiet, but every now and then I’ll hear her throaty “woof” that sounds like Kathleen Turner is in the house. If I ignore her, then the next step is to have her face in my lap. If that action goes unnoticed, she will reach up with kisses. When I finally pay attention I realize it is dinner time, and she’s letting me know that she’s hungry. I am so lucky to have her to remind me what to do!

My Greys all accompany me upstairs to my office when I’m emailing, and Rubydo is right there, too. Most times she’ll roach on a bed next to the cabinet, and as she relaxes her tongue will hang out and dangle loosely from her mouth. Other times, as I look across my desk, all I can see is a black brindle tail wagging – that’s all, just her tail. If I stand up to investigate, I find that she is playing with a stuffed toy, butt in the air, tail wagging furiously as she enjoys biting, biting, biting the stuffy!

Rubydo is a very smart Greyhound, and very food-motivated (OK, which ones aren’t?). I have a puzzle ball that is loaded with treats – the theory is that the dogs will push it around and the treats will fall out. Rubydo did that for a while, but the other Greys were helping themselves to the treats, as well. She decided that wasn’t right, so she struggled to open her mouth as wide as she possibly could, until she reached across the puzzle ball. She picked up that ball and hustled through the dog door, so she could attack it in peace in the back yard. Luckily for her (and me), she was able to open her mouth wider still to release the puzzle ball.

If you decide that Rubydo is the Greyhound for you, I promise you that she’ll delight and entertain you every day you’re together!

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