Roz is a 10 1/2 year old red female saluki/greyhound mix born on April 13, 2011. She was surrendered to GALT by her coyote hunting owner. Roz has completed her medical evaluation and is now ready for her home. We will know more soon about her cat and small animal tolerance.

Roz is an affectionate, calm, and cuddly Saluki. Don’t be intimidated by her poofy fur tufts. She does not need daily brushing, though she absolutely loves it. Roz doesn't like swimming, yet baths are a breeze. She stands like a show dog and is endlessly patient for any kind of grooming.

Being indoors is her favorite thing and she loves to lie on the sofa. Put her outside and after she has done her business, she just sits in front of the door, staring at you and silently begging to come back in. She walks perfectly on a leash and after working with her for a month on recall, she now comes when called 100% of the time. I’m sure she can do the same with anyone she bonds with.

She has not played with any toys, at all, not even when my greyhound goes nuts with one. It seems like that’s a Saluki thing. She would do fine with another dog, though I suggest an old one would be best for Roz, simply because she has not shown any interest in playing doggy games. She will play chase games and that’s about it. She lets my dog lie down with her on the dog bed and is fine being cuddly with other dogs. A high energy puppy would probably not be Roz’s cup of tea. I think she would be fine as an only dog, too. She has not shown any signs of separation anxiety, even when she is left home without any other dogs present. She has been just fine with small dogs in my home and those she meets. I doubt she is cat safe because she barks very excitedly when she's inside and sees cats walking around outside. She does not freak when we are on a walk and see cats on the street though.

She is a slow and gentle eater compared to my greyhound. She will just let my dog gobble her food, so I have to keep mine from horning in on Roz’s dish. Roz is incredibly easy and adorable. She is a good passenger in the car, too.

Roz's Foster Mom