Roy, aka AMF Fierce Lee, is a 2 year old black male born June 23, 2017. His sire is Trent Lee and his dam is AMF Patsie. Roy has no races on record. At this time, Roy should not live with cats.

Fearless Roy. He has a wonderful curiosity about everything so expect nose streaks on TV or media devices, he knows there are living beings in them and he is determined to find them! He is an affectionate dog but not one that needs a lot of attention all the time, nor is Roy a lap dog. He has designated a love seat to be his domain but is just as happy laying on the floor or a dog bed. Roy has impeccable house manners. When he has to go out, he will walk around, nibble (smile) or go to the (sliding glass) door when he is ready. He has even learned how to use the doggie door! As brave and confident as Roy is, he’s afraid when a thunder storm rolls in; then he paces and frets until the thunderboomers pass.

Walks are one of his favorite activities. He will go to the front door with excitement to let you know he is ready. I see confidence changes developing daily. When cars go by or people are around you, he used to turn into a statue and you would have to drag him along. Now he thoroughly enjoys exploring the neighborhood.

Roy LOVES playtime. His favorite toys are a soft plastic ball and a bone that squeaks. And this boy will play fetch! Roy will bring the ball back to you and drop it at your feet and probably play until you’re tired. Roy needs plenty of yard and someone who thoroughly loves the interaction. If you are not available though, you will hear the squeaky toy and see a black streak in the wind as Roy amuses himself. When I am away, I crate Roy. He has been good but still curious and like a typical grey is a bit of a kleptomaniac. He has not seriously chewed on anything though it’s best to keep everything safe and secure.

When I’ve left Roy alone for brief periods of time, he barks and whines. He seems to prefer having another dog(s) in the household and gets along well with my Bassett. I think cats and squirrels are a definite NO, he goes into high alert status and will bark to let you know one is near. Roy is a very finicky eater, not motivated by common dog biscuits. People food has become a sensation with him so watch out!

This handsome guy, with his stunning tuxedo markings, is waiting for an active family to come along to be his forever companions.

Roy’s loving foster mom

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