Rosey, aka GLS Unregretful, is a 2 year old red female born on June 27, 2018. Her sire is Flying Wolf Pack and her dam is GLS Rosey Red. GALT’s Tyler is her sibling. Rosey did not race according to Greyhound data but instead, preferrs a life of leisure. She is being evaluated medically at this time. Rosey is cat tolerant.

Rosey is a gorgeous young greyhound with the softest ears, beautiful gait, and an upturned nose. She loves to play in the garden and likes to play with the tennis ball in the yard. Meal times are much anticipated for Rosey. She'll lay her head in your lap to gently remind you that it's feeding time. She loves to play with toys and always has a collection of them around her. Rosey has been living with kitties in her foster home and has been tolerant of them.

Rosey is shy and rarely barks, though she may experiment more with her voice as she becomes comfortable in a new home. She would do best in a quiet house with at least one confident dog. She likes to look out the window and watch dogs walk by or wait for a delivery truck to bring something to the door. Even though her foster home is near Love Field, other loud noises and sudden movements make Rosey panic. Young children would probably not be a good fit for her, nor would a family that anticipates a lot of changes to their environment.

Rosey will need patience, time, and love to build trust with her new family and find a few places where she feels safe in her new surroundings.

Rosey's Foster Parents