Ronnie Ronnie

Ronnie is an approximately 2-year-old red fawn male. Ronnie is named after the animal control officer who spent hours and hours trying to capture him in the Waco area. He was then taken to the Waco Humane Society, and from there he came to the GALT family. This is one sweet, sweet loveable boy! Ronnie is cat tolerant, and he will be tested with small animals at a later date.


Ronnie is a very happy, playful boy. He loves all toys: rope toys, fuzzy toys, balls... But his favorite toys of all are the ones that squeak. He loves to squeak them, especially when his foster brother is squeaking one too! It's really something to see, both dogs with their tails whirling like helicopters, rear ends up in the air, squeaking toys in each other's faces for minutes at a time. The...the chase! And trying to steal the other toy! Good times!!

He really does have such exuberance about life. On a walk he wants to stop and see and sniff everything! Everytime he sees a bird it's like he's seeing his first bird. Every good sniff is the best sniff ever! When he sees one of the cats, sometimes he just wants to run up to say "Hi!" The cats disapprove of this and will let him know with a hiss, and he always looks so disappointed.

Ronnie crates without fuss when I leave for work and is always happy to see me when I come home. He loves to go outside and zoom around with his foster brothers. He does not counter surf and has no space issues. He shares well. He sleeps through the night easily on a dog bed in the bedroom.

He is somewhat reserved around strangers, but you would never know it from the way he acts in the house; fearless, happy, loving. When you pet his head, rub his ears, and scratch his neck, you can't help but fall in love with him. He looks at you with the most adorable expression. He just wants to love someone - is it you?

Ronnie's Foster Mom
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