Toger, fka KL’s Roger is an almost 3 year old red male born on October 1, 2017. His sire is KL’s Harvey and his dam is KL’d Ruth. According to Greyhound Data, he ran 52 races.any races. He will be tested for cat and small animal tolerance soon.

Roger is one of the most affectionate greyhounds I have fostered. And he has the softest coat, no question. Everyone remarks on it. He is currently living with our greyhound, and he shows little to no interest in playing even with frequent invitations. Roger would much rather follow me around and be petted as often as possible. He has not tried to get on the furniture, though he does like to put both his front legs in my lap while I pet him. He thinks he’s a lap dog!

Roger has learned to play with the squeaky toys and he loves, loves, loves to go on walks. He has not been around cats or small animals, and his prey drive seems really low. Squirrels in the yard don’t really excite him. If you have small pets, we can certainly arrange to get him tested.

He sleeps in the crate in our room at night with absolutely no issues. Roger does NOT like to be in the crate during the day when we are gone. The good news is that he is fine in the house alone, most of the time. The worst thing he has done is grab a t-shirt out of the laundry to curl up with on his dog bed. Muzzling him during the day would solve that problem. Full disclosure, he is sloppiest drinker in the world! It’s really funny; he slurps and sloshes the water like crazy! I have had to put a towel down under the water bowl to absorb the splash!

Roger's ideal setting could be as an only dog or be a fine addition to your pack, either way.

Roger is very calm, and not very vocal. We think he would be fine in an apartment or condo.

Roger's Foster Family