Rocky is a brindle male who was found as a stray in Colorado. He joined the GALT family due to the dedicated efforts of several volunteers! He is estimated to be between 2 and 3 years old.

Rocky is a bit too interested in cats to live with them. He was briefly adopted, but it was not a good fit so he's looking for a forever home again.

Rocky - aka Rocky Raccoon, aka Rocky Balboa, aka Rock Star is the most cheerful, happy, snuggly greyhound I have ever fostered! In fact, he is so happy that the first week in my home he suffered recurrent bouts of the dreaded "Happy Tail". He just never stopped wagging that tail! After several professional bandage changes, he has finally developed a small callous on the tip of his tail, and no longer whacks it open on any available surface.

So, now that his tail is perfect, let me tell you how perfect the rest of him is: Rocky had just one accident very early on in the house, and it has never been repeated. He loves his dog door! Rocky ADORES all humans, especially children. He thinks the world revolves around him, so must be fed separately or he will make himself frantic trying to eat out of all the other dogs' bowls. He plays very gently with dogs smaller than himself (including a hyperactive Whippet puppy), but is not cat safe. Rocky lives for the lovin' - ear scritches, belly rubs, stuffies and sweet talk and treats.

If you give him access to the garage and the car door is open, you will have to remove him physically from the car. He wants to go wherever you are going! He is young, but very food motivated and can be corrected easily. Mostly he ducks his beautiful face and gives you a look out the corner of his eye. His beautiful eyes and his long hair make him one of the most handsome, unique, distinctive hounds around! If you want a seriously silly big boy with an unquenchable happiness who only wants to be near you, and to be your best friend in the world, come meet Rocky and let him show you how much he loves you.

Rocky's Foster Mom