Rockin Rockin

Rockin came to us as a stray from Fort Worth. He raced as River Rockin and was born July 19, 2002, which means he will be turning 5 years old this summer. His dam is Ranted and his sire is Fortified Rush. His great-grandsire is K's Flak, who set a couple of track records back in the late 1970s. It took 16 races for Rockin to convince them that he just wasn't going to be the one to set any new records...except maybe for the number of maiden races he ran. He's much better in the looks, brains, and charm departments, and is ready to bring all that to a forever home.

Rockin is not cat tolerant. It was a full-speed chase down the long hallway with the cat hissing and growling all the way. He was not backing off – he just ran out of hallway. Let's hope a small dog fares better. Rockin gets along fine with other Greyhounds and a medium-sized terrier mix. True to Greyhound nature, Rockin is a sweet boy and likes affection. During his cat test he didn't seem interested in marking while in the house. He would do his potty break outside, but wasn't into staying out and exploring the back yard; he learned the doggie door FAST.

Rockin is a very affectionate and curious boy who wants to be where you are. He always has a tail wag and kiss for you. He was quick to learn how things are done by watching the other greyhounds in the house and is not afraid to try new things. He is uncomfortable during thunderstorms.


In the first few days we had Rockin, he accidentally walked into the pool. He was able to swim to the steps and get out by himself. A few days later (on a very hot day) he walked over to the pool, smacked the water with his front paw, and then jumped into the pool. He needed help getting out the second time because he could not remember where the stairs were, but he wasn't in a rush to get out when we directed him to the stairs. On the hot days, he likes to stand on the long bench in the pool or he likes to be sprayed off with the garden hose.


Rockin is an early riser – 6:15am. He will poke our hand or foot, trying to get us to wake up and let him out. On the rare occasion, if he didn't get much sleep the day before, he will let us sleep past 7am.

Stuffed toys, especially teddy bears, are his favorite toys. We often see him carrying a stuffed animal throughout the house. He loves us to throw the stuffed toys so he can chase and pounce on them. Then he brings them back to us to throw again. If you ask him to go get his bear, he will go get a stuffed animal.

Rockin loves going for a car ride. He is in the car before the door is open all the way. Getting him out of the car tends to be a little difficult at times unless he is ready to get out. Rockin also loves his walks. We walk him in a harness because he is just a little too interested in rabbits but otherwise he is an excellent walker. He tends to get very excited when he gets to go for a walk or a car ride.

At night, Rockin sleeps in his own bed beside us.

Peanut butter is his favorite treat. He loves the stuff. He takes treats so gently from your hand.

Rockin is a sweet, curious boy with lots of love to give and who just wants to be with you.

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