Rocket Rocket

Rocket, aka GLB's Rocketman, is a handsome 7-year-old dark brindle male, born February 20, 1997. Rocket's sire is Solitary Runner and his dam is Sheri's Diamond. Rocket's racing history shows on as his completing 161 races starting July 22, 1999 in Tampa, FL, continuing on, back and forth, to Derby Lane, where his last race is listed as April 30, 2001. Rocket has sired 26 offspring, so his days since retiring have been busy with GLB's Ashlynn T, GLB's Casper, GLB's Lil Sheila and GLB's Panda. He has been a blood donor for the past 7 months. Rocket has helped others, and it is now time for others to help him by finding his forever home. Rocket does not appear to be small animal or cat tolerant.

Rocket is a very handsome 7-year-old dark brindle. Everywhere we go, people comment about how good looking he is. Rocket is very well mannered on the leash, and loves to socialize with other dogs on our walks together. While I am standing talking to someone he frequently will lean into me for a good massage on his head.

Rocket crates well. He just needs a little coaxing with a treat, and once in his crate calmly lies down. I crate him while I’m at work, but have left him out for small periods of time while I run an errand and come back with no surprises. He follows me from room to room and lies next to me on his pillow while I work at my computer, or puts his head on the keyboard when he wants some attention.

Rocket eats well and loves a scoop of yogurt mixed in with his dog food. His favorite treats are Milk Bones and rawhide chews. Rocket is curious about the kitchen counter tops and has been caught surfing. He is learning that counter surfing is a bad thing. He responds well to a stern "NO."

Rocket really enjoys a good game of fetch with the tennis ball and will actually bring the ball back to me and drop it at my feet; but he does lose interest after about the 3rd or 4th throw, and then he is ready for a good nap. Rocket has really gotten settled into a routine, and he does not understand Saturday is a day to sleep in.

Rocket will be an outstanding addition to a loving home. All you need to do is look into his big brown eyes and stroke his silky coat and you will be in love forever.

Rocket's Foster Dad
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