Rita Rita

Rita is a 6½-year-old, beautiful red brindle female born in September 2002. Rita raced in 36 races, all in the state of Texas during 2004 and 2005. She then went on to help other dogs by being a blood donor. Rita is a sweet, petite girl with spectacular ears!

Cats are not in Rita’s future: Rita cannot be trusted with cats. She started out moderately curious, then her prey drive spiked. She couldn’t be called away or distracted.


Rita is a cute and sweet little girl with a comical personality. It may take a little while for her to become comfortable in a new place, but once she does her cuteness emerges and she is quite playful and entertaining. She loves her stuffies and takes them from the toy basket one at a time, carrying them about, but she is isn’t overly hard on them. She is remarkably good at walking on a leash and doesn’t pull much unless she spies a small furry something. Her funny ears resemble radar equipment and are nearly always on alert.

Rita is quite affectionate and loves to be loved and stroked. She most always keeps an eye on the whereabouts of her Mom, staying fairly close and giving soft little nudges with her nose when she knows it’s time for her favorite activity: walking. She seems to get along fine with other greyhounds and even other breeds of dogs, and does fine with older kids too (we haven’t experienced the toddler-sized ones yet).

If she’s really tired out, Rita will retire to the bedroom by herself to go to bed early. She sleeps very quietly all night on her bed and crates well during the day while Mom is at work. She does not ask to get on furniture and doesn’t chew or pick up things not belonging to her, although she has been caught red-handed (or red-nosed) surfing the countertop when she knows her meal is being prepared. But she is very food motivated, so should be easy to train.

Rita's Foster Mom
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