Riley is a stunning 1 1/2 year old fawn female born December 17, 2016. Her sire is Flying Coal City, and her dam is Atascocita Genie. Riley was not individually registered as she had no interest in the racing circuit. She is the "A" pup in the litter, with her sister Olivia being the "B" pup and her brother Rush being the "C" pup - they are kinda like triplets! It is not known at this time if Riley is small animal or cat tolerant.

Riley, her name means “valiant” from the Celtic tradition . . . but she’s a valiant lover not a fighter! Anyone that’s tried to get a picture of her can attest that she’d rather come up close and get some love rather than pose for the perfect shot. The way this girl warms up to strangers (especially women), she won’t be available for long! Act now if you’re looking for a house-trained girl with excellent leash manners. She often wants to greet the neighbors encountered on her daily walks. So far, she has been good with the small dogs and children she has met, but has not lived with them. She is most loving in her foster home where she can feel like her outgoing and affectionate self. Riley has a healthy appetite, but isn't food motivated using treats for training, so her perfect forever family will train her with the affection she craves more than snacks! Riley likes to have a crate for sleeping and finds it to be a safe comfy spot. She is a classic greyhound “mover of things” – she likes to move her foster Daddy’s sweat pants and has never chewed anything up in her foster home. Riley will likely do best in a forever family with an existing pack, as she is very social with other dogs.

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