Riley is an 8 year old white and black female born in 2009. She was part of the population from the blood bank facility located in Cherokee, TX that closed in November 2017. Riley is being medically evaluated by GALT's veterinarians and hopefully will complete her medical procedures soon. It is not yet known if she is small animal or cat tolerant. Please check back periodically for updates on Riley's journey to her forever home.

Riley is a sweet girl with the best pink speckled belly imaginable. Her favorite things are being close to her alphas, running with her pack outside in the backyard and meal time. There isn’t a kibble on the planet that Riley won’t scarf down in record time. This girl LOVES her food!

Always trying to do the right thing, Riley will stay close to her humans and follow them from room to room. She looks to her pack mates to learn the rules of a new home and isn’t every far behind them when they are barking at an “intruder” walking down the street or the poor mailman who occasionally has to come to the front door. We have not heard her bark yet, though. She is a very quiet girl.

At first, when Riley came to stay with us and our other three dogs, she would lay on a slumber ball (best discovery of hers yet!) and watch everything unfold with big brown eyes. She was too shy to take a treat from our hands or choose a toy out of the basket. Weeks later, though, she is almost always FIRST in line for a treat and is not shy about pushing her head into our available hands as we’re lounging on the couch.

Riley isn’t interested in sleeping on her humans’ bed and instead always prefers an XL slumber ball where she can position her (still) long skinny body like a contortionist! We feed her separately from our other dogs because she finishes SO fast and it seems to make her feel more comfortable to have her own space when chow time rolls around.

She loves walkies and walks well on a leash staying close to her humans and never pulling or trying to drag us along. Riley has had a few teeth pulled so she “puffs” softly through the sides of her mouth when she sleeps. All in all, she is a wonderful girl who has had a hard life at the track and blood bank and now deserves soft, comfy beds, lots of good crunchy kibble, daily treats and humans who love and appreciate her sweet spirit.

Riley's Foster Family

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