Richie is a black male estimated to be 1.5 years old. He was found as a stray in Wharton, TX. This adorable, smaller boy has been successfully treated for heartworms, and is now ready to find his forever family. Richie has not yet been tested with cats or other small animals.

Richie is a silly, affectionate and playful greyhound/Saluki mix. He has the most adorable black and white coat with white speckled toes. He has cute floppy ears and some Saluki features. He is not possessive about toys and will take turns with the other dogs in the house. He loves being outside sunning himself in the yard and really enjoys walks. We are still working on his leash skills; he gets a little agitated when he sees other dogs, squirrels and rabbits.

Richie seems to be like a typical greyhound and spends some of his time sleeping and relaxing. He is on the small side which makes him easy to handle. One of his best traits is his personality. He makes noise when he stretches and yawns or just wants your attention. He is affectionate and loves to cuddle and give kisses. He makes us laugh every day. He is somewhat submissive with most other dogs and enjoys being with them. He is great around people. He will actively seek them out and is very open to being petted by anyone of any age. He does not show any aggressive tendencies.

Probably because he was a stray, Richie refuses to be crated – he has busted out of two and a metal baby gate. He has a favorite place to lay down in my office or he stays in the family room when we leave the house. He has some separation anxiety though he is not destructive. He will whine under 2 conditions - 1) when one of the family members leave the house he will whine for a little, then settle down and nap, 2) around small animals like rabbits and small dogs/cats. We have not had him around cats or small dogs except for those we have encountered during walks - and I strongly suspect he would not be cat tolerant. He is housebroken and has been that way since he arrived. Richie has figured out that if he needs to go, he can stand at the door and whine a little and he will be let out to do his business.

The ideal home for Richie will have plenty of people to love on him, other dogs to play with and a yard for plenty of sunning. An apartment is not recommended due to his separation anxiety and interest in small animals. Richie will be a wonderful addition for a family looking to add a good-natured companion dog with people to love, beds for napping and plenty of toys for entertainment!

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