Ricco, aka JNS Ricco Savae, is a 4-year-old fawn male born May 9, 2010. His sire is Rejection Form and his dam is Brother's Buzz. Eddie is his littermate. He has 114 races on record at in Florida and Iowa, starting in January 2012 and finishing up in April 2014. Just look at those eyes! Ricco was in a home for a couple of months, but it wasn't the right fit and he's back to try again.

Ricco has passed an initial cat test and is living in a foster home with cats.

Ricco is a very confident, handsome dog -- a big boy and a perfect gentleman full of joy and love. He's good-natured with his foster siblings, and while he occasionally is protective of his bed, within 10 minutes he's asleep right next to another dog. He thrives as part of a pack, but would probably do fine as an only. Being trained as an agility dog might be a good way to channel his intelligence and his love of being in the spotlight.

This fawn 4-year-old with the almost-Roman nose is very loyal to his foster family and loves greeting strangers and children. He avoids our felines for the most part, but we make sure they have access to a safe area that dogs cannot enter. He responds well to "No, Kitty!" if he starts getting too focused on the cats, so would need to be watched at first with new kitties.

Because he is a big boy, we keep him in an ex-pen instead of a crate when we leave the house. When we're home or asleep, he pretty much has free access. Still, he needs some monitoring to make sure he doesn't play with inappropriate things. He does love the stuffies in the toy box, with which he has filled his ex-pen.

Ricco also loves food, and learned quickly to wait for dinner in our kitchen with the other dogs and not to cross a certain line. He does require a special bowl to slow down his eating because we don't want him to become bloated by gobbling his food too fast.

This counter surfer needs to be monitored closely when the humans in the house are cooking or eating their own meals. Confining him to his ex-pen during those times is probably a good idea. He's quite happy noshing on a frozen peanut-butter filled Kong or a rawhide.

He can be as lazy as the rest of the breed, but he's also game for anything. Want to go to a GALT event? Ricco's there. Want to introduce him to people? Arf; he's there, too.

Ricco is the poster-dog for happy greyhound --the kind of dog that makes you smile just to be around him.

Ricco's Foster Mom

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