Rhett is a young black male who was found as a stray in Alvarado. He is estimated to be 3 years old. Rhett arrived positive to heartworm, but after treatment, he is now healthy and heartworm free! This cutie-pie is excited to start his forever home search.

Rhett has passed an initial cat test, and is living in a foster home with cats.

Rhett is a gentleman. Unlike his namesake from a certain novel and 1939 movie, though, this Rhett is not a questionable gentleman. He has nary a mean bone in his body, nary a conniving thought in his head...well, unless you count his finagling for another morsel or two. But he was a stray, so in the eyes of many (including his current foster family) he is entitled to that pleading look which, more often than not, leads to the extra treat in question.

When Rhett first arrived, he was heart-worm positive; no more. He wore a belly-band like second skin for reasons you can guess. But though he has the occasional relapse, he mostly has no need for that embarrassing bit of cloth worn around his loins. He is delicate, and sweet, and a follower -- as if foster sister Angie would allow anyone to vie with her for that leadership position.

Rhett doesn't mind; not at all. He is happy to follow Angie outside; to co-frolic under trees in which daredevil squirrels taunt the pair from high in the branches. He walks on the leash politely, only pulling when he sees a squirrel or rabbit.

In addition to Angie, Rhett lives with two cats. He pays them little to no mind. Rhett is agreeable; he is sweet; he is benevolent and trusting and kindhearted. He's the kind of pal you just know would be by your side till the end...and beyond. Lucky is the family who ends up with this delicate and handsome gentleman.

Rhett's Foster Family

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