Redford is an approx 3 1/2 year old red fawn greyhound. He was found as a stray in the Mansfield area, where so many of our GALT greys have come from. Unfortunately, like many other strays, Redford arrived as heartworm positive, as well as missing a big chunk out of his left ear. Treatment has been completed, and he is now heartworm negative! It is not known at this time if Redford is small animal or cat tolerant.

Redford has come a long way since he arrived prior to his heartworm treatment. He has learned that living in a house and being part of a family is full of love and fun. He can still be a little skittish and he finds support within our pack to let his personality come out. Redford loves to play chase with our other sighthounds, though his favorite game is bitey-face. He can play that for hours if another dog is up for it! He has discovered stuffies and how much fun it is to collect them, throw them and sometimes even de-stuff them.

Redford has lovely house manners! He’s quiet, doesn’t get on furniture, he lets you know when he has to go outside and a simple no will suffice if he’s tempted to chew or counter-surf. He is a good eater and has never shown any food aggression. He loves treats and will now take them without hesitation. He rides well in the car, does stairs like a champ and LOVES a good booty scratch. It's been fun to watch this sweet, handsome boy come out of his shell. He still has a lot of personality that's waiting for the perfect forever home to make its debut.

Redford needs at least one other confident large dog to live with who can be his buddy and show him the ropes. He doesn't necessarily need an "alpha" just a dog to be his playmate. Redford would not do well as an only dog. While he loves being around people, he is definitely more pack oriented.

Redford's Foster Family

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