Redbone Redbone

Redbone, aka Yo My Redbone, is a strikingly handsome almost 3-year-old red fawn male, born March 14, 2004. His sire is Lido Shuffle, making his grandsire the famous Molotov, and his dam is My Miss Gabby. Redbone started his racing career on October 29, 2005, at the Bluffs Run track in Iowa, and finished October 25, 2006, at the track in Dubuque, Iowa, as a Grade B racer. Redbone is a very personable, social greyhound, and he loves to be around people.

Redbone had an excellent adventure on February 4, 2007.  He went to a house (his first) to visit with several Greyhounds, a terrier mix, and several cats (yikes!!). The cat testing report is: Redbone has passed his cat testing. He was curious, but gentle and friendly about it. He tends to jump (a little training will be necessary), so it was only natural that he would put his front paws on the table to get a closer look at the cats. I pulled him off immediately, but Carbon arched, puffed up, and growled. That got Redbone's attention to the tune of "Uh-oh, that's serious! Don't think I'm gonna mess with it." He's been very respectful of the cats ever since, and they don't seem to mind him, either. He will have several hours of "play date" before returning to the kennel. He loves riding in the car, and is well-behaved in the house. The resident ruffians (the other dogs) have shown him how to use the doggie door.  I also understand he's really good with small dogs at the kennel, too.

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