Rebecca is an approximately 1.5 year old light fawn female found as a stray by Fort Worth Animal Care and Control. FWACC transferred her to GALT immediately, as she had a high fever and two swollen legs. She is positive to the tick-borne disease Ehrlichia Canis, which is the root cause of the swelling. She is currently under treatment that will last approximately 8 weeks. She has not yet been tested with cats or small dogs.

UPDATE 5/13/2019: Rebecca has tested negative to tick-borne disease and has completed the rest of her medical procedures.

Rebecca is a beautiful, wonderful dog with a stunning buff colored coat and lovely Saluki features. She is playful, but not as much as a puppy would be. She likes toys, but is not possessive, and will readily share. She loves being outside and loves to take walks. She seems to be like a typical greyhound and spend much of her time sleeping and relaxing. She is on the small side which makes her easy to handle. Her best trait is her personality and how she gets along with other dogs. She is submissive with other dogs, and enjoys being with them. Her personality allows her to avoid dominance issues with other dogs. She is great towards people. She will actively seek them out and is very open to being petted by anyone of any age. She does not show any aggressive tendencies at all.

Rebecca does not like being crated, and we have put her in a closed bedroom when we leave the house. She has not shown any tendency for damaging anything if she is kept in a closed room when left alone or without other dogs. She will whine, we have noticed, under 2 conditions - 1) when one of the family members have left the house she will whine for a little, but then settle down and nap, 2) around small animals like rabbits and small dogs/cats. We have not had her around cats or small dogs except for those we have encountered during walks - but I suspect she would not be cat tolerant (at least not without training). She is house broken, and seemed to have been that way when we got her. She has figured out that if she needs to go, she can stand at the door and whine a little and she will be let out to do her business.

Rebecca will be a wonderful addition for a family looking to add a good-natured companion dog with people to love, beds for napping and plenty of toys for entertainment!

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