Rayas Rayas

Rayas is an an almost 3-year-old dark brindle galgo with dark eyes, born January 10, 2003. Rayas and Edu are siblings and were found together as strays on the streets of Madrid. Both boys were fostered by a couple in Barcelona and lived with many other greyhuonds. Rayas, like Edu, is shy with people but gets along well with other dogs. The surroundings these boys came from before they were resuced will never be known. Rayas is a very gentle soul. He is currently in the process of completing his medical procedures. Rayas is cat and small animal tolerant.

Rayas is the most beautiful dog I have ever seen. He is also extremely fearful of humans, very skittish and easily spooked. He will not let me approach him directly, and if for any reason I reach for him and he can't move away, he immediately crouches down on the floor like he is expecting a blow. However, the good news is he is wagging his tail and will squeeze in between Classic and Andy to receive his share of loves. He will need a calm environment and almost certainly another grey, as my two seem to be his security blankie. I am so glad he will have a life here where he can be loved and pampered.

Update on Rayas - 11/30/05

Rayas is steadily overcoming the trials and tribulations of his life on the streets of Madrid. If he were human, I would say he has the gentle soul of an Irish poet. Although still shy and a little skittish, he now plays with stuffies and the other greys and pushes himself to the front of the line for loves and pats. He has learned well the game of musical dog beds at our house and how to grab the best.


Treats have been a special source of confusion for him. My greys and little dogs eagerly react to the announcement of "Bones!!" Ray would always come running but never seemed to figure out just exactly what one did with a "bone", and while refusing his, would seriously study why everyone else seemed to be so excited. Wonder of wonders!!! just this week, he finally accepted a treat bone from my hand.

He loves gentle children of all ages and is cat and small dog friendly. I feel, however, he will definitely need a family with at least one other grey as my greys tend to be his security blankie and he looks to them for guidence when he is not sure what to do.

Ray is a highly intelligent, affectionate galgo who will need a very special, patient family that will lavish lots of love and attention on him and yet understand he will take some time to adjust to a new environment and new people.

Our next and final goal, before declaring Ray ready to find his forever home is to teach him not to bark. He does bark quite a bit for a greyhound but is getting better at responding to our quiet command of "No, Ray!" However to his credit, bless his heart - he did scare off some kids hanging around our cars late one night last week. Barking isn't always bad!!!!

Rayas' Foster Mom
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