Ray Ray

Ray is a 14-month-old brindle male born January 2009, tattooed as the “H” pup. His registration number in his right ear is illegible. Ray arrived with 2 other greyhounds – Angel and Shadow – on March 3, 2010, from a coyote hunter in Amarillo. Fortunately for him, his only injury was happy tail; unlike Angel who suffered from a large open shoulder wound. Ray is a shy boy, especially around men, and unsure of his surroundings at this time. He is in a foster home that is patiently working with him.

Ray's cat test: Ray is considered cat tolerant. He met Omar (the cat) and did some close sniffing, gave a little whimper and moved on with no need for voice command. When he got to the no-leash-no-muzzle phase, Omar was playing with his leash. Ray decided he’d had enough of the cat and wanted to leave. I got him to come back to me and attached his leash. Omar held onto the leash, playing with it as Ray dragged him along to the front door.


When Ray gets excited his whole body wiggles, and his tail goes in helicopter circles! He's a darling boy - and just look at those soulful eyes.

Ray is house trained and has learned his manners very quickly. He is eager to please, especially if it involves a treat. Chew toys have to be tough around Ray - he can remove a squeaker from a squeaky toy in record time. He plays enthusiastically with toys and has started playing with our other greyhounds as well. Sometimes he bounces from toy to toy to toy, as if he can't decide which one he likes best. Other times he settles in for an extended session with a favored toy.


Ray is still a youngster, and will explore with his mouth. He doesn't chew on the furniture, but don't leave the TV remote on the floor. Ray is easy to groom. He crates very well, but we trust him loose in the house now too.  At night, he sleeps quietly on a dog bed next to our bed.

When we get the leashes out, Ray gets excited enough to bark and spin around like a puppy - walks are his favorite activity. We're working with him to be calm before the leash goes on. Once we're out the door, he trots happily along with you and rarely pulls.

Ray is a bit shy around new people, but once he warms up to you he's very affectionate. He's not at all fond of noisy public spaces with lots of people and activity. He's most energetic in the mornings and will lead our girl greyhounds in a round of zoomies before settling down for a nap. Is Ray the greyhound who will zoom into your heart?

Ray's Foster Parents
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