Ramie Ramie

Ramie, aka CTW Ramshackle, is a beautiful four-year-old red fawn female, born May 13, 2000. Ramie's sire is Evening Memory, making her grand sire HB's Commander, and her dam is Ramie (that would be Ramie #1). Ramie started racing at Daytona Beach on July 4, 2002 and finished there on November 12, 2003. Ramie loves attention and interaction with people. Ramie is small animal and cat tolerant.


Ramie is such a sweet girl. She always wants to be in the same room as me and will just lay at my feet. Sometimes, if I'm typing on the computer, she'll lay her head on my arm just to let me know she's there. She fits in perfectly with my Whippets, Winter and Scully. She is not aggressive in any way, including food.


Ramie likes to hang out in her crate when we're in the family room and she sleeps on her pillow in the bedroom with me. She hasn't had any accidents so far and has picked up quickly from the Whippets to ring the bell when she needs to go outside. She'll also wake me up during the night in the event she needs to go potty. Sometimes, when she wakes me up at night, she'll come up to the bed and lick my face to wake me up. What a smart girl!

She wasn't sure what to think when we first got home, but she soon realized this was a safe place for her with good food and lots of love. She loves to give me kisses any time she can reach me! I'm so happy to have Ramie as my second foster! She's a perfect little girl who just wants to love and be loved.

Ramie's Foster Dad
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