Ramen, aka Turbo Raheem, is a 2 1/2 year old male brindle greyhound. His sire is TMC's Remedy and his dam is KB's Chesnee. Ramen has 41 races to his credit prior to starting his racing career at Gulf Greyhound Park in LaMarque in December 2019. He was injured during schooling and was immediately transferred to GALT. His injury is severe showing a central tarsal bone fracture that was able to be secured with a screw to the only stable slab piece found among many shattered fragments. Also on the opposite side of this injury is an intarsal fluxator ligament tear that is very severe. He was placed in an external fixator which will be in place for a minimum of 8 weeks. Ramen will be needed to be kept very quiet in his foster home with daily cleaning of his fixator implants.

Update 4/23/2020: Ramen's leg has healed and he is ready for his forever home!

Ramen is a sweet, gentle, and handsome boy. He is also very bright! He has learned to walk really well on his leash, “wait” before crossing the street, has learned “lay down” and/or “crate” for treats/food, and learned “out” when there are too many cooks in the kitchen. He is also very receptive to a gentle “no” when sticking his long nose in things where it might not belong! Overall great house manners.

His favorite toys are crinkly, he loves all treats and praise, and generally loves being around his humans or wherever the action might be.

Ramen lets out a little whine if he’s feeling lonely, and it’s quickly remedied with some pets and lovin’!

He’s been very gentle with our three legged older female greyhound, and loves seeing other dogs or kids in our neighborhood when on walks. Ramen’s not afraid of blenders, vacuums, or storms – he’s a very brave boy! He’ll be a wonderful addition to a loving home, he’s got a very big heart!

Ramen's Foster Parents

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