Raisin Raisin

Raisin, aka Rapido Reason, is a beautiful petite 2-year-old black female, born September 8, 2002. Her sire is Rapido Rambo, making her grand sire Wigwam Wag, and her dam is Rapido Pinta. Raisin and Rain are siblings and could almost be twins! Raisin's racing career was short lived -- 5 races at Ebro in Florida -- so here she is looking for her forever home. She is in her foster home and is doing well, happily collecting toys. Raisin does not appear to be cat trainable.

You may know me as Reason, but my new name is Raisin because that is what everyone calls me now. I like my new name. I'm a petite black female and everyone talks about how beautiful my eyes are.


Before I came to GALT, I was pretty timid and never seemed to make anyone happy. Now that I have a new foster dad that has given me a chance, I can show my true personality. Although I'm still a little shy, he lets me do things at my own pace and he makes me feel much more comfortable about everything. He laughs with me a lot and thinks I'm silly when I collect toys or make my tail go around in circles real fast. But I can't help it! I just get so excited sometimes. I love it when he comes home to greet me or takes me on a walk.

That is my favorite word - I love going on walks! I do a special dance when I hear that word or I see the leash. I love to go outside on long walks and I stay right by my foster dad's side. If he stops to chat with someone, I will sit patiently. I can do a pretty good sit because it's comfortable for me. In the morning, when I'm waiting to come back inside, I like to sit by the fence and watch stuff down by the creek.

I will go into my crate but I would rather hang out around the house. I have very good potty manners. I like hanging out with my foster brother "BigBro" who is another shy Greyhound. Sometimes, I like to just sit quietly with him. I have a great appetite and I love chew bones! They will keep me busy for hours! I'm probably a little too fond of cats and would be better off without them around to taunt me.

For my forever home, I need someone that will be patient with my shyness and appreciate me just because I'm a sweetheart.

Raisin, via her Foster Dad
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