Rainy is a 3 year old black female that was dumped at the Irving Animal Shelter anonymously. She is tattooed as 24B and her registration ear is double tattooed. She is a sweet, sweet girl who is being medically evaluated.

Rainy is not considered cat tolerant at this time.

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Rainy must be the happiest dog on the planet. She wakens each morning full of energy and happy to start her day. She grabs a toy and bounds through the house. She'll race out to do her business and then back in to await her meal. Her favorite toy is her lambchop, but she'll happily play with most other toys. Rainy has graduated from special food for her sensitive tummy to a regular high quality kibble. In addition to her lambchop, Rainy loves children. While she cannot be an only dog, she is a great and happy companion. Rainy seems to exude confidence, but the truth is that much is bravado. When she meets new dogs, she tries to show her confidence by growling at them at first. However, if another dog growls at her, she immediately backs down. What she really wants is to be with her people teaching them how to live each day to the fullest. This small boned, petite sweetheart of a girl is just full of love and leaning. Her ideal home should have a canine companion and no cats. Rainy is a smart little girl who will keep you laughing at her antics, and amaze you with her confidence.

Rainy's Foster Family

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