Prue is a 9-month-old red female greyhound/sighthound mix who came to GALT via Collin County Animal Services, where she arrived as an owner surrender with Phoebe, who is her littermate.

Prue tenatively passed an initial cat test, but she is at a difficult age to proof with cats.

Prue is one leggy beauty and all energy. She is nothing short of striking with her large alert ears, her long legs, her curly tail and her shiny golden brown coat.

Prue is just now approximately a year old. She is full of puppy energy and happiness. Hardly anything makes her happier than the word "out." She'd gladly spend her entire day outdoors intimidating squirrels; however she'll also happily keep you company inside.

Prue has excellent table manners and knows to patiently wait for your signal before she'll begin eating. She also has excellent eye contact, and stares at you while waiting at the door to be let out. Prue will also sit on command. Prue crates well and knows to run into her crate at night. There she expects and receives a nighttime treat.

When she is not intimidating squirrels, Prue happily plays with toys. She loves squeaky toys, ropes, balls etc. Eventually she'll chew on the toys and scatter the stuffing, giving a room that snow storm effect. Bones and antlers are among her favorite chew toys.

Prue is a very strong girl. A harness or gentle leader greatly improves her walking manners. She does wait quite patiently for her harness before walks. While Prue has boundless energy during the day, she does sleep quietly all night. It is probably the case that as she outgrows her teenage years she will settle down some.

Prue did pass an initial cat test, but needs to be further tested if she is to live with cats. She does seem to be comfortable with children .

Mostly what you notice about Prue, once you get over her strikingly good looks and her giant ears, is her larger than life personality. Everything is either fun or potentially fun for Prue and she'll have you laughing with her.

Prue's Foster Parents

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