Prancer Prancer

Prancer, aka Git On Prancer, is a beautiful 2½-year-old fawn female, born in December 20, 2004. Prancer’s sire is Nita’s Jessie, making her grand sire P’s Raising Cain, and her dam is EZ Dixie Redhead. Prancer is part of the “Santa’s reindeer litter” that GALT received on Easter Sunday, 2007, when Valley Race Park in Harlingen closed. Several of the siblings went to other adoption groups, but Cupid, Dancer, Vixen and Rudy (now Banjo), along with Prancer, stayed within the GALT family.

Prancer was "iffy" at first with the cats. She followed the cat and when the cat turned and looked at her she stopped (while wearing muzzle and on a leash, of course). Her ears were up and tail wagging the whole time. So we waited a while and then got the true Grey tester, Molly, out. Molly was NOT happy. Prancer showed a lot of interest in her and would not back off even with all the hissing and growling from Molly. So, we put the cats in another room and waited to see what Prancer would do in the morning. When we let Prancer out of her crate the next morning, she ran straight to the room where the cats were, ears up and tail straight out, and then searched the house in the same fashion. Prancer has too much interest to be cat tolerant!!

Prancer is a lovely, dainty little fawn girl with perfectly applied eyeliner and a tail that never stops wagging. She is extremely bright, and caught on to the dog door and rules of home living immediately. She has never had an accident in the house, and has never destroyed anything.

She loves to eat, has learned how to ask for treats and play with stuffies (and the occassional sneaker) and to play with other dogs. In fact, Prancer and my greyhound Marty have worked out an elaborate game of hide and seek, with bizarre rules that I have yet to figure out.

Cats are way too tempting to her, so she is most likely not safe in a home with cats, but will do well either as an only pet or in a home with other dogs. She knows how to ask other dogs to play, but also understands when her invitation is declined.

Prancer is very happy when singled out for attention, but is not demanding at all and gets along very well with children and adults. Men in particular seem very attractive to her, and she will seek out the men in the crowd every time! And, if you rub her ears just right, she moans with pleasure and starts to turn to mush.

Her one flaw is that she occassionally still tries to walk through glass doors! We are working on the concept of invisible barriers.

She loves car rides but insists that she be lifted into the car. She is the "perfect dog" if you want a beautiful, spoiled diva to be your best friend.

Although her name is Prancer, she is such a lovable girl that I have begun to call her Lovie Dovie - she just is that wonderful. Come meet her and see how special this petite, precious girl is.

Prancer's Foster Mom
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