Powell Powell

Powell is a 2 year old handsome black male born April 2009. Powell has no registration number in his right ear; however his left ear is 49G. This is a very rare occurrence according to the National Greyhound Association, but it does happen. Obviously his true identity will never be known. Powell was turned into Tri Cities Shelter after he had been hit by a car, which resulted in a shattered knee cap. Powell was initially examined by Dr. Christy Soileau of VCA Preston Park Animal Hospital and referred to Dr. Robert Barstad at the Dallas Veterinary Surgery Center. Powell underwent surgery Tuesday, March 15th, and his leg was amputated due to the level of trauma to his knee cap. He is completely recovered and ready to twist you around his paws with his soulful gaze.


Poor little Powell has not had the best of starts, but you'd never know it by his calm, cool and collected demeanor. He has yet to have a potty accident, and has never made noise more than a slight whine--which was only after the poor boy used his remaining back limb as a pivot leg while he bedded down one night and some how managed to twirl the dog bed cover upward around his leg about 4 inches. He couldn't move, yet he only uttered a barely-perceptible whine. He simply stood there as I untwisted the dog bed cover from his leg, in no panic whatsoever. I was even rewarded with a kiss on the chin when it was over...and so was he.

Pow-Pow (as he is affectionately known in our house) has the most soulful eyes, too! It's impossible to walk by him without loving on him because when his gaze catches mine I just melt. At a tad under 2 years of age he is much more of an "old soul" than "wild child", but his youthful nature does come out to play on occasion. He loves toys and meals, his tail making propellor loops behind him the whole time.

Please don't let the fact that Powell has only 3 legs distract you from potentially letting this boy into your life! I promise, you will reap a lifetime of rewards in the form of unconditional love and loyalty.

Powell's Foster Mom
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