Poppy Poppy

Poppy, aka Pop The Question, is an adorable almost 4-year-old red fawn female, born June 22, 2003. Her sire is Kiowa Sweet Trey and her dam is Betty N Sue. Poppy finished her career abruptly at Valley Race Park in Harlingen on January 25, 2007, as an AA racer when a pop (no pun intended) was heard from her right rear leg, indicating she had a cracked hock. Upon evaluation and completion of an x-ray by Dr. Jeff Ellis if Preston Park Animal Hospital, nothing was found to show this kind of an injury. Poppy's racing career spans 89 races starting in Rhode Island on January 3, 2005, moving to Maine and finishing up in Texas.

Poppy "passed" her cat test. Carbon, the cat, was a tad perturbed about being rousted from his nap, so when Poppy meekly approached for a sniff, he looked at her through narrowed eyes and . . . BOP BOP BOP BOP!!! No claws were used and no animals were injured during this test, but Poppy certainly didn't want to go back for more. Poppy greytly enjoyed the back yard and taking in the breeze on her face from the slightly open car window. Those wonderful ears are all about alertness - certainly not aggression. She was an excellent house guest during her stay and got along greyt with the other hounds.


Poppy is a blonde bombshell with a hint of "eye-liner" that makes you think she's ready to go out on the town! Another of her fascinating traits is her ability to transform herself into a Doberman by raising her ears straight up at whatever interesting noise she hears. Truly a beautiful dog, she has a very loving demeanor and is always quick to come find out what's going on with the family.

She is housebroken and crate trained and likes to spend some time soaking up rays in the backyard if the weather is nice! But, like most, she prefers to be inside resting on her bed or at least in whatever room you're working in. She is still learning counter-surfing is not an option, but after reprimanded, will still hang around as if to say "I just want to help where I can!"

Poppy came to us without ever using stairs before, and with a little encouragement from Libby (our greyhound), she figured it out and has gained all the confidence she needed. She's now a "stair-master" and has no hesitation going up and down when she feels the urge to follow her interests!

Poppy enjoys the kids (elementary age here) and from time to time will offer her interest in a stuffed animal. She is not destructive whatsoever, but is more what we refer to as a "carrier." She likes to pick up an occasional stuffed friend and deposit it in another room in an attempt to play some sort of game - we think it's because she's practicing for an Easter Egg Hunt!

Our cat, Bonnie, who is a greyhound fan herself, gets along great with Poppy, and the two do the occasional sniff-sniff, but are very respectful of each other's space. Poppy is cat tolerant and except for the occasional ear-raising to see where Bonnie is going next, she shows no interest.

Poppy is no doubt ready for her forever home and will be a Greyt addition to a family with children, cats, or whatever the situation may be.

Poppy's Foster Parents
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