Polo Polo

Polo, aka Kay Kiowa Police, is a white-and-fawn male born on December 24, 2002. The offspring of sire Flying Train and dam Kiowa Princess, this four year old competed in 19 races at the Flagler and Hollywood tracks in Florida. Polo and his buddy Meyer somehow made their way to Texas and both ended up as strays in the Ft. Worth Animal Shelter. Polo's coat is quite fuzzy, indicating he probably spent the winter outdoors. Finding a comfy dog bed in a place to call home is now on the top of his to-do list. Polo is not cat tolerant.

Single white and tan Greyhound looking for human companion who prefers the larger pets in life.  Tantalized by cats and small dogs, I have found it challenging to find the household with which I am destined to be united. But my hope remains steadfast because I know that somewhere out there is a home with no small fuzzy "teasers" …oh, I mean pets… just looking for an easygoing boy like me.

I love to cuddle up with my big dog foster siblings at night but would also be well suited as your only four-legged baby.  I love attention from humans of all ages, and will do my absolute best to make your family feel special and loved.  If you are in the market for a guy like me, just remember to ask about Polo.


We love Polo! He is a wonderful dog, but in order to make room for future fosters, we must find him a good forever home. Polo gets along with everyone (except cats and small fuzzy dogs). He especially loves our other two Greyhounds; he frequently cuddles up with them by laying his head on their bodies. He is a real lover. He loves food almost as much as he loves people. His favorite part of the day is breakfast, with dinner as runner-up. Polo is pretty easy to please, and great at showing appreciation.

Polo's Foster Parents
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