Pixie, aka BI's Pace Setter, is a 4-year-old white & red female born February 8, 2008. Her sire is Lonesome Cry and her dam is Bow Pompey. Pixie has 56 races to her credit on Staring on December 20, 2009 at Bluff's Run, she finished on October 6, 2011 at Gulf Greyhound Park with a broken leg. Her leg was repaired, however she is suffering from complications due to a bone infection and joined the GALT family to receive necessary treatment. After removal of the original pin and wire used to repair her broken leg, and extensive rounds of antibiotics, Pixie now has a clean bill of health. Her radar ears are on the hunt for her forever home!

Pixie is not cat tolerant, and should not live with very small dogs either.

Pixie may be a small girl, but she's quite the dynamo! She's enthusiastic about life - loves walks, loves eating, loves toys, and loves people. One of her major goals in life is to catch a squirrel - her ears go straight up when she sees one on a walk, and she just doesn't understand why we won't let go of the leash so she can start the chase.

She doesn't try to get up on the furntiure at all, but don't leave any food on your counters or she'll find it! Her housetraining is good, she crates when we're gone, but will complain a bit before she settles down. She would probably do best with another dog in the house for companionship. She loves sleeping next to another dog.

She is not cat tolerant, and not tiny dog tolerant. But in the right home, she would be sure to bring a smile to your face every single day.

Pixie's Foster Parents