Pinny, aka Rooftop Pinny, is a beautiful, 7-year-old red brindle female born August 1, 2001. Her sire is Shootyz Groove and her dam is Vanessa Let Go. Pinny suffered an injury when she was 8 months old at the farm which resulted in a wire repair to her left hip. Although her hip does not seem to be painful, she uses her left leg less that 25% of the time, and due to this, there is quite a bit of muscle atrophy. Of course because of this, she was not a racer, but was a brood mom to 18 pups, 5 of which are GALT’s Mo, El Dorado, Custer, Sweetie and Hot Rod! Pinny is very people oriented, and could even be called a velcro girl! Pinny needs a home with carpet to avoid her slipping and losing her balance.

Pinny’s introduction to cats: Pinny is cat trainable. She showed very little interest in the cat. She got to sniff the cat up close, then watch him in action and hear him meow. The cat just didn’t make a strong impression on her or she on the cat. What a sweetie! We will introduce Pinny to small dogs if necessary.

UPDATE 5/14/09

Several weeks ago Pinny’s foster family, David and Marilynn, called to report they thought Pinny was in some pain, as she would yelp sometimes when just lying down or when she was trying to lay down. X-rays and an evaluation were performed by Dr. Jeff Ellis of VCA Preston Park Animal Hospital. Dr. Ellis referred Pinny to Dr. Fulton Reaugh with the Dallas Veterinary Surgical Center. Because the xrays only showed a mass in her left femur, a bone biopsy was performed, which revealed the most dreaded news – osteosarcoma. Pinny, with her foster dad beside her, departed today for the Rainbow Bridge. Run like never before, sweet Pinny, pain free and fast as the wind.

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