Waffles, aka Philip, is a 5 1/2 year old white with brindle male saluki/greyhound mix. He was found as a stray by an individual in Rendon, TX and came to GALT thanks to her. Also, he was in a home for some time but was returned through no fault of his own. Waffles is cat tolerant, but should live in a kid free home.

Waffles is one handsome Saluki mix with lovely floofs. He has nice manners, he likes people, wants some pets and then will give you space. He's very quiet, rarely barks, not even at the doorbell. Waffles can be laid back, a little aloof at times and mildly fearful, especially during thunderstorms. It can be difficult to get him to go outside if any thunder in the distance is audible.

With his long locks, he enjoys being groomed and gets light trim every 4-5 months, mostly to prevent matting on ears. When being lifted, he will scream when lifted around the waist. Other than that, he's very tolerant of touching any body part, even feet.

On an odd note, Waffles has some sort of issue or fear involving threshold doors. He will not walk casually through doors, instead he has to BOLT at top speed going through them. In the process he may knock other dogs or people aside in the process. He can let out a yelp if startled or if collar is unexpectedly held to stop him from bolting in/out of a door.

Waffles does great on walks and doesn't pull unless he sees a rabbit. Car rides are fun too - he jumps in and out on his own. Toys don't hold a lot of interest though he does enjoy chewing bones. Food is a huge motivator and people food has to be kept out of reach. Waffles will overeat if given the opportunity and could put on weight if food isn’t measured each meal.

Waffles has lived with large and small dogs without issue as well as a cat. While he doesn't really play with others, he also has no aggression around food or toys. Instead, when he wants something another dog has, he stands quietly over them and waits for them to leave the item or bed. Because of this, Waffles has only dog potential.

Waffles would love a home with people who are looking for a sweet companion to take long walks and go on fun car rides. If you have a pool, he likes to lounge on shallow pool ledges when it's hot. Because of his fear of noises and loud voices, apartment life may not be the best environment. Additionally, Waffles should not live with small children.

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