Pete, aka Hillbilly Pete, is a two year old, white and brindle male greyhound born on December 23, 2017. His sire is Djays Octane and his dam is Barts Taker Home. Pete has 2 races to his name at the track in Dubuque, Iowa. It is not known at this time if Pete is small animal or cat tolerant.

You can’t beat Pete! Pete is a tall handsome boy who LOVES his people. As he is newly retired, we are still working on a few things about learning how to live in a house (he’s a super surface surfer) and he is proving to be a quick learner. Pete is curious about everything and spends time exploring, but also has the greyhound napping parts down. Pete sleeps all night on a dog bed in the bedroom with the pack and doesn’t let out a peep (he made it clear that crate life is not for him though). He wakes up happy, frisky, and hungry. Pete learned house training almost instantly and does his business out of doors – he doesn’t have a “tell” about needing to go out, he just waits for the appointed rounds. Pete doesn’t play much with his pack mates and likes some distance from them when he’s resting – he might do quite well in a family as an “only” pet as he craves peoples’, not dogs’, attention.

Apartment life probably isn’t for Pete at this point; he is a young exuberant boy that loves bolting around the house and yard - wildly slinging his beloved stuffies through the air. He also loves to sing and belt out a good bark from time to time. Given his adoration of his people, he will likely do best with parents that are home with him a lot (retired or work from home). Pete has been a near perfect home office mate and lays quietly gnawing on his toys and chews while we work. Pete loves pets and attention – he nuzzles and snuggles – so if you want an aloof independent dog – this is not your boy. If you want a fun and super handsome loving boy, you really can’t beat Pete!

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