Percy is a three-month-old red fawn male puppy born November 7, 2007. GALT was contacted by a greyhound trainer living in the Houston, TX area to see if we could take a male puppy who was part of an "oops" litter.


How can you resist the black eye-liner around his eyes, the black mask on his face, and that lovable expression? When you are finished oohing and aahing over this beautiful boy, read the first hand account of puppy raising. Then, return to this page...

Are you exhausted just from READING about becoming the adoptive parent of a baby greyhound? Much love, fun, and work goes into this adventure. It's almost hard to believe that they eventually turn into couch potatoes that enjoy a lazy afternoon.

Percy is named after Sir Percy Blakeney of "The Scarlet Pimpernel" at the request of our daughter, and we are honored that GALT readily agreed.


Percy is an active, exciting puppy and loves romping with people and dogs. He is very affectionate and gives us kisses on command. He is trying very hard to learn "sit". House training is in full-throttle mode. Percy knows exactly what to do when we go outside to his potty space. He still has a few accidents while racing around the house trying to keep up with the big dogs.


We watch in awe as Percy drags clothes, bath mats, and shoes all over the house and rearranges closets, all at top greyhound speed. Percy is discovering that a leash is not for eating, and not for hanging oneself. He enjoys walking outdoors and gets so excited zigzagging along the street and paths. We still have some lessons on proper leash walking to review. Everything outdoors is a must see. Our walks so far have no purpose and no focus as curious Percy tries to take in his new world.

At the end of the day, all are tired and satisfied, humans and canines alike. It has been a good day for growing, and little Percy falls into a deep sleep to rejuvenate and prepare for another busy tomorrow.

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