Pepper is an approximately 3-year-old red male. He was found by Dallas Animal Services, running as a stray with Poncho and Peaches. All three had freshly double tattooed ears which obscures their origin. Pepper is being medically evaluated and will hopefully complete his medical procedures soon. Pepper is considered to be cat tolerant.

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Pepper is a regal looking, true red greyhound boy with big brown eyes who loves soft beds, long afternoon naps, and toys that squeak. He can be a little reserved at first thought he is a very sweet and affectionate boy who warms up quickly and is comfortable with our 6 yr old granddaughter. He has a bit of a guard dog personality but not overwhelmingly. He is a very vocal dog who loves to “roo” and will often break into song on his own. Pepper may be a bit too vocal for apartment life!

He loves to zoom in the back yard and, although he loves to toss his toys around, Pepper is pretty laid back around the house. He’s fully housebroken and has excellent house manners. Pepper's ideal forever home will have a backyard; he’s not a big fan of leash walks and sometimes freezes in his tracks when he's out...we’re working on that. Pepper would do best as a second dog; additionally he tested cat trainable (he lived with cats for short periods of time).

Pepper's Foster Family

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