Pedro Pedro

Pedro is a 3-year-old big red greyhound with a stunning white blazed chest born May 17, 2009. His sire is Kiowa Sweet Trey, and his dam is Okie Pye. Pedro is the "C" pup in his litter and was not individually registered with the National Greyhound Association. Pedro was found as a stray by the Humane Society of North Texas, and because of his size, they thought he was a "Chart Polski" (Polish greyhound)! Pedro arrived weighing 74 pounds, which is about 20 pounds lighter than he should be. His nickname was "horse", and it was decided early on he was destined for the companion pet arena. He is a very affectionate boy.

Pedro changed his mind about kitties - he should not live with cats. Pedro will also do best in a home without children.


Pedro is a very active, sweet boy. He wants to please. Even though he is high energy dog (for a Greyhound), Pedro is laid back when he knows it's quiet time. Sleeps all night with no problems. He doesn't need to go out in the middle of the night to potty. He loves water - skipping through puddles and playing with the garden hose is fun stuff! He is potty trained, but we recommend a belly band initially for a new environment.

His daily walk is the highlight of his day. The only thing better than that is a ride in the car. He's not very vocal and has had no problems with other dogs of any size that we've encountered on our walks.

Pedro loves to eat and is very patient while his breakfast or dinner is being prepared but once he gets his food he just wants to eat with no interruptions. He does best when fed separately from others. He loves to roach on his back - everywhere, everyday. Loves to run in the backyard while tossing a small squeaky toy in the air.

Pedro still has a bit of puppy in him, but he learns well when trained. He loves people and would make a great therapy or agility dog. Pedro is still learning about life and he's just a big ol' sweet 100 pound puppy dog.

Pedro's Foster Parents


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