Pearl is a 1 1/2 year old black female born November 1, 2019. Her sire is Flying Penske and her dam is Flying Sand Road. Pearl came to GALT with her sister, Quiche. She never raced. She will be tested with cats and small animals soon.

Pearl is a sweet, precious puppy who is super smart and very loving. She is energetic and loves to play with her toys - the more the merrier! While she loves to run and play outside, she is also very curious and interested in the human activities in the house. She loves pets and ear rubs and generally just wants to be near you whenever possible.

She has picked up the daily house routine quickly and gets along well with the other dogs in the house. She eats well and loves her treats too! Pearl is still learning leash manners and while she doesn't pull too much, she hasn't mastered walking beside her person.

When no one's home she does crate, albeit somewhat hesitantly. She does feel safe and secure once she's in the crate. Pearl will howl and bark for a while then eventually calm down.

Pearl is also a great singer and loves to show off her vocal talents with howling and rooing. Because she "practices" her singing, Pearl should not live in an apartment environment. She's still young and looks to her canine companions for direction. We believe Pearl would likely prefer to live with other dogs. She will be a delight to an active home with a yard where she can run, do zoomies and play to her heart's content.

Pearl's Foster Family